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As mentioned last post, I have been hard at work on a new version of the Logistics branch of the rules (v 4.0 alpha 3). I posted it at the bottom of the rules page over the weekend. I am pleased because I think I may have finally ironed out the last of the egregious issues I created when branching and “improving” in the first place, while keeping some genuine improvements (like the glossary and reorganization). This descendant of the classic rules is nearly ready for prime time.

One thing I am looking for is some more feedback on a few remaining rules issues, and towards that end I posted a survey. If you have played Empire before, or have some stake in these new rules, please check it out!

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  1. Myles Durga says:

    Have been pouring over the rules for days, and the only question I have is what are food squares. I am assuming they are the squares covered in dots. And the rules mentions other type of terrain, but not these, and without a legend I am just guessing.


    [I replied to Myles directly, albeit belatedly. I’ve been busy traveling and giving a bunch of lectures. I’m in Reykjavik right now.

    This is correct, the dots are food (farm) squares. I had the same question at one point, and I believe I in fact added that to the next draft of my version of the rules a couple months ago, so that will show up in the next edition. — T]

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