Assorted minor updates

Just posted a minor update to the Logistics branch rules. Also added notes on the maps page as to how many players each map is for.

Other than that, lately I have been working mostly on pieces for Empire. Well, by “lately” I mean I did a bunch of work last spring, and then dusted it off again this week to work on it some more. I still sometimes toy with the idea of setting up a play-by-email (PBEM) game, and of course some kind of digital pieces are a pre-requisite for that. So by pieces I mean something digital, that could also be printed out and used on cardstock.

Being a font person, the first step that was obvious to me was to start by figuring out icons/visuals, and then put them in a font. That’s coming along. I have nearly 40 counter designs done, plus graphics lined up  for another dozen. However, the game will require at least twice that. I think one could reasonably not bother with counters for “Whoopies” (consumer goods) but even so, there are many more pieces needed.

It’s been an interesting exercise. I went with traditional wargame/military symbols (NATO APP-6) for land military units. Naval units were going to be hard, until I discovered that the Soviet Union had some nice symbols for those. Those might be arguably from a different era, but they are a start.

For air units I started out with some kind of goofy symbols supposedly used by NATO and western countries, but I am not sure I will stick with them… they are awfully cluttered and fiddly looking. I think I can see why wargames mostly do not use them.

Most of these I drew from scratch, but at a scale to be compatible with Tom Mouat’s MapSymbs fonts.

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