This site is maintained with contributions from the descendants of the Reed College Empire Association, primarily by Thomas Phinney. It was created for two reasons: to preserve some wonderful materials that could otherwise be lost (a few Empire players thought it might be a good idea), and to try to revive the game for future play. Andrew Nisbet (Head of the Reed College Empire Association and long-time organizer of the game) contributed the original rules and many of the historical materials; Robert McCullough (Empire player and history buff) managed the technically-challenging process of scanning the maps. Thomas contributed Empire map grid utilities, retyped/updated/expanded rules, and other “new” material. John Powers (Empire player and typist) and Thomas (ditto) both set up Web sites, which got amalgamated into this one. General verbiage was written by John and Thomas.

If by chance you played Empire, and have anything you’d like to share on this site, please contact “admin” at this domain.

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