Blank Grids

Vector PDF with transparency files of Empire board grids with pre-numbered spaces, for making your own maps or for creating a transparent overlay on existing maps. Some of these are rather specialized variants which may not be of general interest or use. All files are under 50K each. (See also below for the utility to make these grids.)

  • Empire grid 72×42. The standard Empire 72″ x 42″ grid with numbered offset 1″ squares.
  • Empire grid 72×42 unnumbered. The standard Empire 72″ x 42″ grid with un-numbered offset 1″ squares.
  • Empire grid 100×50. Larger grid, either for a simply larger board, or to have approximately the same number of active spaces when using a non-square world projection under the grid.
  • hex grid 82×42. 82 x 42 1″ numbered hexes, on 71.44″ x 42″ board.
  • hex grid 72×42. 72 x 42 1″ numbered hexes, on 62.65″ x 42″ board. Basically a trimmed version of the previous.

Also available is a user-editable PostScript program, as a text file, used to generate all these grids: Grid Generator. Many variables are directly exposed for user modification. Read the header section of the file for more details on how to use it. Useful output from Grid Generator requires one of the following:

  • a PostScript printer
  • a PDF creation program such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller or equivalent
  • a graphics program that can accept placed EPS files

NOTE: The Grid Generator code is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-BY 3.0); unlike most files and resources on this site, you can use it to generate grids for use in commercial works, and derivative works do not have to be made available under the same license.

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