Blank Grids

Vector PDF with trans­parency files of Empire board grids with pre-​​numbered spaces, for mak­ing your own maps or for cre­at­ing a trans­par­ent over­lay on exist­ing maps. Some of these are rather spe­cial­ized vari­ants which may not be of gen­eral inter­est or use. All files are under 50K each. (See also below for the util­ity to make these grids.)

  • Empire grid 72×42. The stan­dard Empire 72″ x 42″ grid with num­bered off­set 1″ squares.
  • Empire grid 72×42 unnum­bered. The stan­dard Empire 72″ x 42″ grid with un-​​numbered off­set 1″ squares.
  • Empire grid 100×50. Larger grid, either for a sim­ply larger board, or to have approx­i­mately the same num­ber of active spaces when using a non-​​square world pro­jec­tion under the grid.
  • hex grid 82×42. 82 x 42 1″ num­bered hexes, on 71.44″ x 42″ board.
  • hex grid 72×42. 72 x 42 1″ num­bered hexes, on 62.65″ x 42″ board. Basically a trimmed ver­sion of the previous.

Also avail­able is a user-​​editable PostScript pro­gram, as a text file, used to gen­er­ate all these grids: Grid Generator. Many vari­ables are directly exposed for user mod­i­fi­ca­tion. Read the header sec­tion of the file for more details on how to use it. Useful out­put from Grid Generator requires one of the following:

  • a PostScript printer
  • a PDF cre­ation pro­gram such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller or equivalent
  • a graph­ics pro­gram that can accept placed EPS files

NOTE: The Grid Generator code is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC-​​BY 3.0); unlike most files and resources on this site, you can use it to gen­er­ate grids for use in com­mer­cial works, and deriv­a­tive works do not have to be made avail­able under the same license.

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