Empire storage cabinet 1962

The cus­tom cab­i­net built by J.D. Eveland in the sum­mer of 1962 to hold Empire pieces. Two hinged doors have been lost, as well as some draw­ers, but the cab­i­net sur­vives in the Reed College archive (thanks to them for allow­ing photography).

Pieces for Empire! (Printable and vir­tual Empire pieces for this page are not yet sched­uled, check back later.)

Read (or search) the detailed Empire his­tory for more his­tory about Empire pieces.

  • 1960s Empire pieces (pho­tos and info).
  • 1970s Empire pieces (pho­tos and info).
  • Print your own pieces for Empire, to put on card­stock and use on a phys­i­cal board.
  • Virtual pieces to use on a vir­tual board.
  • Resources to make pieces and board elements
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