1960s Empire pieces

Empire pieces and cards

Empire pieces and cards from the 1960s.

Empire pieces picture A

Empire pieces, most created circa 1962.

Empire pieces

More Empire pieces.

Empire pieces picture C

Still more Empire pieces.

Empire storage cabinet (front view)

The Empire storage cabinet crafted by J.D. Eveland in the summer of 1962.

As described in the Detailed History, the custom-carved wooden Empire pieces and the cabinet to hold them were created in the summer of 1962 by J.D. Eveland.

One notable feature shown here are the stock certificates. Although corporations were an element of the game as created in 1960, and at least through 1964, by the time the rules were written down (1969-76), they were not included.

The identities of some of the wooden pieces are obvious (tanks, artillery). The large cube with a smaller cube attached on top is a construction machine. The others are awaiting identification from an avid former Empire player.

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