1960s Empire pieces

Empire pieces and cards

Empire pieces and cards from the 1960s.

Empire pieces picture A

Empire pieces, most cre­ated circa 1962.

Empire pieces

More Empire pieces.

Empire pieces picture C

Still more Empire pieces.

Empire storage cabinet (front view)

The Empire stor­age cab­i­net crafted by J.D. Eveland in the sum­mer of 1962.

As described in the Detailed History, the custom-​​carved wooden Empire pieces and the cab­i­net to hold them were cre­ated in the sum­mer of 1962 by J.D. Eveland.

One notable fea­ture shown here are the stock cer­tifi­cates. Although cor­po­ra­tions were an ele­ment of the game as cre­ated in 1960, and at least through 1964, by the time the rules were writ­ten down (1969−76), they were not included.

The iden­ti­ties of some of the wooden pieces are obvi­ous (tanks, artillery). The large cube with a smaller cube attached on top is a con­struc­tion machine. The oth­ers are await­ing iden­ti­fi­ca­tion from an avid for­mer Empire player.

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