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Empire Builders article

Empire Builders arti­cle from Reed College Sallyport Jan-​​Feb 1964 (cour­tesy Reed College archives)

We have a vari­ety of PDFs, tran­scripts and email threads avail­able about Empire. Some of them have yet to be posted:

  • The Game Resources sec­tion of the site includes his­tor­i­cal pho­tos and/​or scans of rules, maps and pieces.
  • “Empire Builders” arti­cle, from Reed College Sallyport, Jan-​​Feb 1964
  • Empire ephemera (1967–84?): PDF (12 MB) includ­ing many on-​​campus pro­mo­tional fly­ers, and a few in-​​game mate­ri­als such as a con­tract and bank stock.
  • Empire games/​players his­toryPDF (18 MB) with many lists of play­ers and games/​countries they played, and dates of games (1967−84). Includes char­ter and found­ing mem­ber­ship of the mid-​​60s “Imperial Club.”
  • J.D. Eveland & Jim Kahan tran­script from Storytelling, Reunions, 2004
  • J.D. Eveland Reed College oral his­tory inter­view excerpt
  • Jim Kahan Reed College oral his­tory inter­view excerpt
  • Peter Langston on Empire the main­frame game vs Empire the board game
  • Eveland/​Kahan/​Drake/​Phinney email thread, 2011
  • Eveland/​Phinney email
  • Kahan/​Phinney email
  • Empire Coat of Arms

    Empire Coat of Arms. Motto: It’s Not How You Play… It’s Who Wins (arguably mis­lead­ing as Empire does not usu­ally have a “win­ner” per se).

  • Emerson Mitchell /​ Phinney email
  • McCullough /​ Nisbet /​ Phinney email
  • Email

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